Prioritising the wellbeing of medical professionals tasked with caring for others.

Wellbeing for our health professionals

Are you a health professional searching for purpose outside of medicine, nursing or allied health care? 
Have you ever felt exhausted, overwhelmed, unsure, lost or feeling like you’ve got nothing left to give?
We’ve been there ourselves, and understand the pressures placed on health professionals. Which is why we work so hard to help doctors and professionals just like you to prioritise yourself, so you can better serve your patients, family and loved ones.

The healers dilemma

The thing about identifying ourselves so heavily with our profession is that when something goes wrong within our professional life, whether it’s occupational burnout, ill health or simply the realisation that it is no longer something that makes us happy- it can be easy to think that there is something wrong with us.
But we need to understand, there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. A call to the healing professions is a noble undertaking, but it does not define who we are.
The Healers Health Care Collective is about making the wellbeing of those tasked with caring for the wellbeing of others a priority.

Our goal is to bring together organisations, individuals and resources to provide the knowledge and skills to “up skill” in authentic self awareness.
This is about institutional and societal changes valuing the health of our health professionals as the cornerstone of a strong healthcare system. ​

This is about you. About how you feel – in life & work, and the journey you are on.

Our strength comes not from never allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.
It comes from welcoming that vulnerability in all of us and talking about it openly.

Meet Dr Emily Amos

I am someone who has walked this seemingly overwhelming path before you. I know what it feels like to burn out in healthcare and question what to do next?

My name is Dr Emily Amos.

I am a General Practitioner, yoga and mindfulness teacher. I am a wife. A mother. A sister. A daughter. I once found it difficult to extricate myself and my happiness from my identity as a ‘healer’ which was a harsh realisation to come to when I eventually did burn out. What I’ve come to realise is that in order to fulfil our full potential as health professionals, it is important that we get to know who we are outside of our roles as healers.

I started The Healers Health Collective in 2020 as I walked my own journey out of burnout. My hope has always been to create a place to bring together resources to provide others with a starting point for their own journeys of reflection and self awareness. Life looks quite different for me these days- I provide keynotes and workshops on burn out and self care, I teach meditation and run mindfulness & wellbeing retreats for doctors. But the intentions of The Healers Health Collective remain, to be a gentle and supportive ‘first step’ for those of you who also find yourself on this sometimes lonely journey of self discovery.