Stories from the front line

Posts and stories submitted by healing and healthcare professionals reflecting on their lives, their roles and themselves.

  • ​Finding your creativity

    Lauren Squires
    Creative painting on face
  • How to Start a Medical Podcast

    Dana Phang
  • What is Mindfulness?

    Emily Amos
    Lady meditating
  • What is Self Compassion?

    Emily Amos
    Lady hugging herself
  • To Burnout and Back Again

    Emily Amos
    Match burning
  • Perception and Reality

    Emily Amos
    Blindfolded couple
  • Burn out in Medicine.

    Emily Amos
    Doctor under stress
  • The Road We Walk

    Emily Amos
    Road covered in autumn leaves
  • Perfectionism and Self doubt

    Emily Amos
    Lady looking in the mirror doubting herself
  • The ‘Medical Treadmill’…

    Emily Amos
    Man on a treadmill