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Find out why the Healers Health Collective exists and if it's right for you.

When I first started down this path of questioning if I was able to stay in healthcare, I found myself wondering if there would ever be anything else that I would find as stimulating and satisfying as a career.
At the same time, I felt completely depleted and overwhelmed by the task of caring for others.

I was exhausted beyond measure, unable to care for myself anymore but still I felt compelled to take care of others.

If I was honest with myself back then I would have also seen that a lot of my self worth came from being of service to other people…
and at a time when I was struggling with knowing who I was and what I needed, my self worth was at an all time low already.

So I kept going, slowly running myself into the ground in the service of others.

If any of this resonates with you then you’re in the right place.

The 5 Steps I Took To Achieve Balance

step 1


Find the person you believe can be there for you during this time.

If any of that sounds like you then I want to give you a big hug. I know how it feels to dedicate yourself to a profession and all of a sudden find yourself wondering if you can even continue on that path that you had devoted so much time and energy to?

So step one right now is to find someone who cares about you who you can open up to, be honest with about how you’re feeling and who can give you that hug that I so dearly want to give you.

You deserve love, support and care- just as you give love support and care to others.

step 2


Professional mental health could be the best option for yourself.

This one’s important…

Here is where you decide (perhaps with the help of that person you spoke to at step one?) whether this journey is one you can plod along on your own?

OR… if you’re like I was and you need some professional help to walk this path of self inquiry and compassionate self reflection?

Getting professional mental health support was THE BEST THING that I did for myself when I first burnt out. It was the compassionate voice that I was really struggling to muster at a time when I needed compassion more than anything else.

So if that’s you, then now is the time to check in with your General Practitioner/family doctor or Employee Assistance Program or there are also some mental health specific links on our links page that you can use to get you started. Who ever you choose to support you, just find someone to share the load. You deserve that.

step 3

Self Care

Learn to prioritise your needs to become the person you want to be.

It is time for you to put your needs first for a change.
Are you exercising enough?
Are you eating regular, nutritious meals?
Are you prioritising sleep?
​How are you currently managing stress?
Are you making time for connection with people who bring you joy & meaning?

If not- why not? And what do you need to do to help you move towards this version of yourself?

This isn’t about criticising you for the fact that you have been finding these things difficult (HELLO you’re human, we ALL find these things difficult!)… this is about making sure that your basic needs are met in order to start working on having that time and space for compassionate self reflection.

Stay at this step until you feel like you have some battery in the tank to actually get through the day again. There is no rush to move on from here and actually getting this sorted may take making some difficult decisions about what you say yes to and what you say no to
But it is important and you deserve to spend some time getting this bit right.

step 4

Self Awareness

Being a helper or healer doesn't define you. Teach yourself to find balance.

If you find yourself now at this step, perhaps wondering how it is possible to sustainably take care of other people AND yourself- then our resources page is a great place for you to start this exploration. This carefully curated collection of links features topics such as vulnerability, mindfulness, self compassion and stress management that you may find helpful.

Wherever it is that this journey of self discovery takes you, please know that being a helper or healer of others does not define you. You deserve to invest some of your very valuable time and energy into yourself and there are many people who are ready to support you with this!

step 5


Develop touch points of support and care to remind yourself what is important to you.

None of us are super human, despite what we might tell ourselves (and the world). We all need help and we all stray from the path we want to be on every now and again.

Self development is no different!

So by intentionally placing touch points of support and care into our lives to remind us of how we want to take care of ourselves, we can gently guide our intentions & actions back to where we want to be. These little check points of self care are part of a sustainable self care plan.

The yearly Healers Health Summit is designed exactly for this purpose.

A regular check point focussed on the well-being of those who take care of the well-being of others. With engaging speakers, restorative workshops and amazing community events- these yearly summits are your chance to check back in with those concepts and practices that help you to take care of yourself in the often demanding field of healthcare.

I'm really glad that you found your way here and I hope that this resource helps you on your journey.
The Healers Health Summit is designed to help you achieve personal growth and find balance between you and your profession.
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